Climate change is about to reach the point of no return

We have to start to change some habits. With Globaviva we want to help People in doing so.

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If mankind continues like this, climate change will be inevitable and the diversity and beauty of our planet will be lost forever.
Furthermore, health problems such as cancer, diabetes, intolerances and allergies are on the rise dramatically.

As individuals we have more power than we realise. The future of our planet lies in our own hands.
By making simple changes to our daily habits we can collectively boost the change we desperately need.

This is where Globaviva comes into play. We are a startup that aims to help people lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Therefore we offer consumer goods and educational products which promote our personal and planetary health and well-being.

As it is fundamental to reach as many people as possible, we use organizations as multipliers. In this way we provide ideal products for the Corporate Responsibility. Thus we create a win-win-win situation for nature, companies and every single person.

Our offer:

  • Information and education: through workshops, educational materials and “teach the teacher” training. Thereby we use the following methodology: 1) Awareness: what is the situation and what exactly is the problem. 2) Action: clear call to action about what precisely everyone can do. 3) Impact: what happens if we follow the call to action and what if we don’t.
  • Sustainability Boxes: in its function as starter kits to kickstart a more sustainable lifestyle, they contain products which replace those with a negative environmental impact.
  • Campaigns for major environmental issues, for example the current campaign against the avalanche of plastic bottles and disposable cups.
  • Eco Baby Box: a starter kit for young parents containing reusable diapers / nappies and instructions.

Our goal is to create a multi-sided platform as a meeting- and marketplace for products and services in the field of sustainability. It can be used to gather and offer solutions and best practices on a global scale.

Our approach:


Sensitization by awareness and education for health and sustainability


Lowering the barrier to entry by putting products in people’s hands


Persuading people through engaging, nudging and gamification

Some Product Examples


The Globaviva project has been initiated by Norbert Hofmann with the purpose to promote a balance between the modern lifestyle and sustainability.

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